How to get the best out of a wedding fair

Now that the main wedding season has started to quieten down, the wedding fair season is about to get under way.

I always tell brides to select a few local fairs to go to rather than the larger national ones, especially for flower choices.

The local fairs are tailored for venues close by and make it easier for brides to visit any suppliers that they would like to use.

I also try and use the wedding fairs to show brides mock ups of any requests as this , saves them the extra cost incurred if they want to see a certain flower or design.

Its also a chance for the brides to see the network of local suppliers that we work with on a regular basis and see how those relationships can work to their advantage.

Go with an open mind too, you may think I know exactly what I am going in for, but we don’t always try and sell our services, we like to offer advice on venues that we have worked in, colour schemes that work well and availability of flowers for instance.

When searching for floral designers, a wedding fair is a snapshot of our skills, usually we try and keep to a theme or a colour scheme, so take the time to have a chat or look through the portfolios for a broader view of our styles.

Have a happy wedding fair season and we look forward to seeing you at Hall Place, Danson House and Bluewater over the coming months