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Hi, all blog readers.  Please take a look at these great tips from our guest blogger Tony and Carol at Oakhouse Photography.  These guys are amazing and have truly stunning shots.  Check out there new website for more information

Top 10 Considerations When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer


At Oakhouse Photography we know it can be difficult decision when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, as you want to be confident that they will capture the memories of your day for you to enjoy forever!


Here are our few simple tips to help you with that choice!

1. Experience

Make sure you see examples of their work in albums/online/as a slideshow… Be certain that you know which photographer is going to be there and that you see his/her work and meet with that individual face to face.

2. Equipment

Ask what equipment they use. Do they bring a backup for all cameras, flashes, etc. in case of malfunctions? Backup equipment is critical because, if the camera quits, everything stops till it’s fixed and if it can’t be fixed you will have no photos!

3. Insurance

It’s simple – you photographer needs to be fully insured!

4. Price Range

Although the last thing you want to do is shop only by price; is this person within your budget? If not, is he or she worth the price difference? Make sure you understand what everything costs, including reprints and albums. A good rule of thumb for budgeting is the photography should be at least 20% of the cost of the wedding. The cake, the food and flowers are gone and the gown is put away but the photos which capture the memories of your day will be a joy forever.

5. Photographic Style

Are the images that you are shown what you would like to have? Do you want a mixture of black and white or only colour photos?

6. Delivery

How long does it take to get your proofs back, your finished album etc.? Do they offer online proofing, magazine style proofs, CD/DVD slideshows or proof prints in a book?

7. Contract

Do you understand the contract. Is everything clear? Only what is WRITTEN really counts, not what was promised. Make sure that you have read it all and get a copy of their contract.

8. Cancellations

What does it say about cancellations on your part or the photographer not being there? Ask what would happen if your contracted photographer is ill or has an accident. They should have access to other professional photographers who can be called upon in an emergency situation. It is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to have someone take over the photography of your wedding if they can’t make it.

9. Testimonials

Ask where you can read some! A recommendation is always the best and people love to talk!

10. What happens after the big day?

You need to know how long you’ll have access to your gallery and your images in the months and years ahead, in case you wish to place more orders later on.

These are some simple guidelines, if you want to know more please feel free to email Tony or Carol, our email is hello@oakhousephotography.co.uk .